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Dark Iron Diplomacy

After the Siege of Orgrimmar, Moira decided to stay behind and work out some deals with the new Warchief. Little did Varian know the extent of her diplomatic abilities when working back-room deals. -720 Archive-

Fel Friday! Robyn Darkwater!

“Captains Log, August 15th. Last night I had another one of the dreams. It was more vivid then the last. I was inside a dark, dirty fortress. A figure, a twisted mask blocking his visage, was standing over me. He pushed me down, holding me by the arms as he forced his hips between my legs, his huge cock spreading me bare as he ravaged me with strong and primal thrusts. I awoke so dripping wet, I almost called the whole crew up to fuck me. Where are these dreams coming from!?”          -More angle posted tonight or tomorrow. 720-

Static Raffle Winner! Punishment for the Pet

Winning Image for the Static Raffle on August 1st. If you want to get in on the monthly static raffle and help support me so I can continue doing what I do, it only requires two dollars a month on my Patreon.

What you want to see next week?

  • Two faction leaders work out some differences. (43%, 889 Votes)
  • A native race of Draenor begins a fertility ritual. (24%, 489 Votes)
  • An invention goes horribly wrong towards it's creator. (17%, 348 Votes)
  • Lei Shen catches a thief stealing his cache of treasures. (16%, 323 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,048

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Commission – Purity Abandoned

The Paladin attempted in vain to resist the satyr’s alluring whispers, to quell her primal urges. Yet as he stood before her, his demonic cock erect and ready, all the discipline in the world could not stop her. -720-

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