Just needed a little breathing room this month.  Will start up again with the next story on the 1st of January.
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Fel Friday! Mira, Raka, and Slade!

Happy Fel Friday! Even with her older model, so many of you wanted to see Mira that her option in the weekly vote lost by only 4 votes. Since it was so close, I decided to visit the idea for Fel Friday. Enjoy!

Sensual Tantra

Though recovered from his physical injuries through Mistweaving, Ji Firepaw was still spiritually wounded following his near death at the hands of the Kor’kron. In an effort to help Ji, Aysa went through the library of the Jade Serpent and discovered an old book detailing the lost art of sensual tantra. After only a single session, Ji not only felt much renewed, but the two monks who once saw the world so differently, felt inseparable.

Weekly Poll

What you want to see this week?

  • Ji and Aysa enjoy some healing time together. (Pandaren) (30%, 1,128 Votes)
  • Raka and Slade have some fun with Mira. (Orc/BE) (30%, 1,124 Votes)
  • Robyn's sexual prowess is challenged and she must prove it. (Human) (20%, 771 Votes)
  • A forest troll scout captures a dwarven huntress in the Hinterlands. (Dwarf/Troll) (11%, 404 Votes)
  • Maraad comes in conflict with a very skilled orc female, who he defeats. (9%, 354 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,781

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Fel Friday! Raka and Betryl!

Far below Hellfire Citadel, the broken draenei known as Betryl stalked the dark, dirty sewers for discarded carrion and prey. Little did he know that one day he would stumble on Raka, one of the Lords of Hellfire. Though he assumed his death had come, Raka instead surprised the mutant with another option, “You can become one of my pets, free to wander these sewers as you have and protected by my power, as long as you answer to my call when I desire it. Do you agree?” She said with a sly smirk. Betryl nodded, knowing he had little choice, “What does mistress desire?” Raka quickly pulled off her celfthoof skin cloak to reveal her nude form below it, “Suprise me.”

Rebellious Specimen

Laboratory Log 3028: Today was an utter disaster. While warming up the infusion machine for the evening experiments, I had noticed a rather large creature sniffing around the volunteer cages. It seemed Raka, in all her arrogance, had allowed her rebellious little “pet” to wander the citadel off it’s leash. I attempted to shoo it away with moderate success, but as I took out Subject X for her routine procedures, the beast jumped from behind the blood mixer and quickly mounted her, nearly taking my arm off in the process. After many unsuccessful attempts to break the two apart, I decided to let the mongrel finish it’s lustful encounter. I will spare all the details of the utter mess it left behind when it finished, but needless Subject X required more rest then usual. The Master will not be pleased.

Happy Holidays 2014!

Happy Holidays! The web comic will be on hiatus for the season, but will return on January 1st. Should still have some random updates plus commissions before then.

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