Mutiny at Sunrise

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“Your crew be locked below. Now I get ta claim ya treasures for myself!” the troll said wickedly. Robyn peering up at her captor, “You will never find my gold, you can fuck me till the sun sets, but I won’t tell you a thing.” she shot back with a smile. The troll raised his brow in confusion, “Who said anyting about gold?”

Fel Friday! Jaina Proudmoore!

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The Bitch Queen must be having another “nightmare” again.

What scene do you want to see next week?

  • Robyn gets herself plundered by a troll pirate (30%, 424 Votes)
  • Lakuu accidently unleashes a curse of the undead (17%, 248 Votes)
  • Kharon gets captured by a night elven scouting party (27%, 389 Votes)
  • Mira teaches a thug what happens when you don't pay up (26%, 376 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,436

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Ku’jin at the Arena

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Ku’jin fights for the amusement of her captors. After winning countless battles, they unleash a new enemy upon her.  The worgen has been broken to near his most feral of states, and overpowers her.

Did a few small menu changes to the top.  Moved the BitTorrent Sync to the info section since it seems like a bit more of a niche thing.  I also added a new page called “Draft Feed” that links directly to my tumblr and pulls in any of the draft posts I have been making over there.  This was done for those that want to see my little teasers and progress reports on the video/projects/ideas but didn’t want to have to go to a whole other site to do it.  I am also considering making a suggestion page for those that want to make suggestions about the site.  I am not much of a webmaster so I am trying the best I can to make this place easy to visit.

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