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Fel Friday! Forsaken!

Experiment Log 5692 : Upon first arriving at labs, Subject 13 was quickly concluded to be infertile due to past mutation. Though proper protocol called for disposal to sewers, I have grown fascinated by the nature of the creature, and much to the protests of my assistants, I have decided to keep her for further study. Continued tests have revealed she requires very little oxygen, has no gag reflex, and her deteriorated tendons makes her extremely limber during physical activity. Will put in recommendation for transfer to personal prisoner stock. -720 Archive-


Posted this on tumblr, should post it here. Bad news. My son is not feeling well. It’s just a virus making him stuffy and irritated red eyes, but it’s enough that I want to watch over him rather then animate. He is everything to me and I want to make sure it does not get worst.

As such anything I am working on is postponed. I might still get to fel friday, but I know the weekly will have to drift to next week as well as any commissions. Sorry guys.

Commission – Alone in the Woods

Nothing like lighting up a blunt and busting out a nut.

Nothing like lighting a blunt and busting a nut. -720 Archive-

Static Raffle Winners! Broken Kyla, Shadows Claim Her

Kyla falls prey to the perversions of Betryl

After escaping her captors, a blood elf flees for the sunlight, but little did she notice more of her enemies lurked in the shadows.

You guys may have noticed a few hiccups on the site.  It seems while trying to upload Fel Friday I accidentally changed the page before it generated the thumbnails.

This seemed to cause it to go into some sort of process loop on the server that was causing error 500 and a huge slowdown.  I had no time to really fix it earlier, but just now I manually went in and made the thumbnails, and now that it has the thumbnails it wanted it seems the processes have ended and the site is back to normal, at least the slowdown is gone.

I will be more careful in the future.

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