Woah! She got over that fast!
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Fel Friday! Jesana Footjob!

Jesana is unsure what to make of Ravage and his sudden desire for a footjob.

The Iron Dicks

Ku’jin experiences first hand the elite group known as the Iron Dicks. A bit of a quick job on this one as I ran out of time, but I am pretty happy with it.

Commission – Thisalee Crow

“Unhand me! You… you harlot!” the blood elf yelled as he struggled, Thisalee paying little heed as her strength and vines kept him held tight to the forest floor. “Aww. The poor little Highbourne does not like being ensnared in my talons? I don’t buy it…” she taunted as he attempted to get up, her arm easily pushing him back to the floor. “Look at you, squirming like a delicious little worm.” She said, licking her lips. The blood elf felt her squeeze tight on his cock as she began to grind, “Urk… No! Must… ARG!” Thisalee let out a deep moan, “Now that is the worm I was hoping for, nice and stiff, just how I like it!”

In this alternate reality, Ku'jin (troll female) has kept on adventuring, and now...

  • Travels to Draenor, taking the fight to the Iron Horde. (35%, 868 Votes)
  • Visits Zul'Gurub, and learns the dark secrets of her heritage. (31%, 750 Votes)
  • Returns to Sen'jin, and decides to embrace her families customs. (19%, 456 Votes)
  • Tracks down an old flame, one that she hoped to see again. (15%, 432 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,455

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Fel Friday! Kylsata and the Controller!

“The… the magic still lingers inside my body. Corrupt and vile, it burns my blood and heats my…. I can’t stop myself… I… have to taste it…” Kylasta thought as she felt her tongue wrap around the warlocks cock. She looked up, his grim visage peering down at her with wicked satisfaction. “Good girl, you are learning much these last few weeks sucking off the peons in the barracks, now let us see what experiance you bring back to me. Mhehehehe.”

A Hallowed Bride

Come my dear, let’s go for a ride, and thou shall see, you will be my bride! What a creature you are, such strength and fire, yet now you must sate, my haunting desire! With my ghostly cock, I fill thee with every ounce, now don’t be shy, let’s see those titties bounce! HaHAHAHAHAHAhaHAhaHAHAHA!

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