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Stadium of Spoliation Redux

So at one point over the weekend I decided I didn’t want to have a bitter taste anymore for this image, and so I decided to make it my own, even though the rendering was going to be horrendous on my junky old weekend system. I altered the girls to the new buff girl I am creating (clean version, for visual parity, though later she will have tattoos to some degree) and a random blonde.  Looks like they couldn’t handle the Stadium of Spoliation. I even added two poses just for the hell of it.  Enjoy.

Patreon Static Raffle Winners – Oct 2014

Whitemane and Lulu wrestle to see who is the toughest female bitch in this erotic crossover.

A mag’har shaman takes a liking to his tauren apprentice, and decides to teach her more then just how to speak with the elements.

It's time for Hallow's End, and Jesana finds herself taking part in the spooky holiday. Should she...

  • Wipe on the Headless Horseman, and be taken as his bride? (38%, 773 Votes)
  • Join a costume party, and enjoy an anonymous liason? (29%, 600 Votes)
  • Learn of another method to get extra candy from Innkeepers? (23%, 470 Votes)
  • Stay at home refusing to give out treasts, and earn herself a naugty trick? (10%, 338 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,059

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Fel Friday! Raka and Fido!

“Bad puppy.” Raka spoke as she gripped the worgen’s hand, his claws set and ready for a strike but being held easily back by her demonic strength. She smiled as she used her other hand to squeeze on his snout, the worgen’s conditioning forcing him to go docile as she did. “N..no…” he growled as she continued to grind him hard. “I would have given you a treat for being a good boy, but you had to be a naughty puppy. A good pet obeys it’s mistress, and sooner or later you will learn to obey me like the mongrel you are.”

Such Friendly Ladies

“H…husband!” the draenei women said as she peered into the warehouse, the sun from outside helping illuminate the scene before her. “Honey, ladies of town are very friendly. Really help get out stress for very little coin.” the husband said as he continued pumping his cock into the prone elf below him, “I think we come back more often, yes?”

A draenei couple visit booty bay for the first time, but the male finds himself...

  • Being lured into a house with beautiful ladies wanting coin. (39%, 1,136 Votes)
  • Wondering what that hole is for over in the corner. (22%, 656 Votes)
  • Being abducted by the Bloodsail Pirates for who knows what. (21%, 621 Votes)
  • Racking up huge gambling debts that must be paid off. (18%, 520 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,922

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