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You will notice the options are much more vague this week.  The races in each option have been chosen, but I wanted to be more cryptic about it so that you guys pick the idea you want to see rather then the race you want to see.  I feel this will give more chances for under-utilized races to possibly shine a bit. (Well I messed up and mentioned the pandaren in one so woop woop woop “smacks head with hands”.  I will make sure all are more vague next time with all of them)

After wandering too far into the territory of the Grimtotem, the sisters Kylasta and Lakuu are ambushed and taken captive by an elder brave and his rebellious adult son. Under the light of their camp, the father teaches his son how a true Grimtotem tames his conquests. -720-

All aboard the Clara train! CHOO CHOO! -720-

What you want to see next week?

  • Kylasta ambushed by Grimtotem (43%, 1,057 Votes)
  • Blood Knight dominates an Orc Huntress (29%, 721 Votes)
  • A war between trolls tribes (16%, 380 Votes)
  • A gnome discovers a new usage for an old invention (12%, 288 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,446

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