The Sleeper Awakens – 8
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Fel Friday! Blood Elf Quickie!

Let’s end this rotten day on a better note. Belf blowjobs for everyone!

Impromptu Fursome

While Robyn is on shore leave, Chakwah invited some of his friends over to the ship for an impromptu foursome. That big ole scallywag!

The Savagery of Trolls

Two reckless trolls invade a rival village on the coasts of Stranglethorn Vale.

Fel Friday! Assumi!

Guest Starring – Assumi, Shina’s sexy Jizzlock. She decided to take her fellow warlock Velghaaz for a spin.

New Year at the World Tree

Thisalee was kept on duty at the World Tree for New Years, so she invited some of her friends to join her for a few friendly drinks.

The Arena of Depravity Trailer

Check out this amazing trailer from Arena of Depravity, a StudioFOW Production.

I will be helping them with models and advice, but will not be animating on the production.

(uploaded direct version to my server)

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