The Sleeper Awakens – 17
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Ravage, Lord of Hellfire

Want to know more about Ravage? Click the Image.


“Got really horny! Mailed Grok over at Frostwall. Officers and advisors didn’t even notice me sneaking him through the back to my relic room. IGTBTC!”

Fel Friday! Triss Merigold!

Now you guys that were dying for a Triss animation can have a little something.

The Ritual

Sinji learns of an ancient form of voodoo magic that may restore him to life. All it requires, was a little help. Image guest starring Dew, character of Shikron. Happy Belated Birthday!

Raffle Winners – February 2015

Lara in Hellfire, another requested continuation….

Robyn likes it when Avyanna uses her strength to share more dangerous conquests.

Xiulan showing a human some ancient pandaren techniques.

A blood elf female comes across a troll male, what should happen?

  • The blood elf being taken into a voodoo ritual? (51%, 2,067 Votes)
  • The troll being taken into a magisters party? (31%, 1,264 Votes)
  • A rigorous diplomatic meeting of peers? (19%, 759 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,090

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