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Commission – Chains of Hellfire

A set of slaves raised on chains. It allows the fel orcs greater access to copulation. Though even after attempting to lower the chains down for the captured gnomes, they still ended up dangling. -720 Archive-

Animated Raffle Winner! Happy Birthday!

Best present two guys could have!

Due to some format issues with the webcomic, I had to make a few adjustments to the theme.  How does it look?

Fel Friday! Monara!

Anyone that saw my tumblr yesterday probably saw this coming. -720 Archive-

Commission – The Sickly Gazelle


As the mage was crossing the Fields of Strife deep in the center of Alterac Valley, she noticed an orc warrior lagging behind his comrades. An easy achievement so she thought, “I just join up with the others, kill that warrior, and be done with it!”. Little did she realize that racing to the boss was more important to her allies, and after a tough one on one battle, it was not the orc that was going to be raped. -720 Archive-

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