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Fel Friday! Ku’jin Quickie!

A quick little handie from Ku’jin.  Had to make this one fast as I got a little obsessive on a commission today.  Hope to have that and another one released sometime tonight, so check back.

Fel Friday! Forsaken!

Experiment Log 5692 : Upon first arriving at labs, Subject 13 was quickly concluded to be infertile due to past mutation. Though proper protocol called for disposal to sewers, I have grown fascinated by the nature of the creature, and much to the protests of my assistants, I have decided to keep her for further study. Continued tests have revealed she requires very little oxygen, has no gag reflex, and her deteriorated tendons makes her extremely limber during physical activity. Will put in recommendation for transfer to personal prisoner stock. -720 Archive-


Static Raffle Winners! Broken Kyla, Shadows Claim Her

Kyla falls prey to the perversions of Betryl

After escaping her captors, a blood elf flees for the sunlight, but little did she notice more of her enemies lurked in the shadows.

Fel Friday! Ku’jin!

Just really wanted to use this model and try to mimic my favorite pose from Chapter 3. Enjoy. -720 Archive-

Commission – Chains of Hellfire

A set of slaves raised on chains. It allows the fel orcs greater access to copulation. Though even after attempting to lower the chains down for the captured gnomes, they still ended up dangling. -720 Archive-

Fel Friday! Subject 5 – Kylasta

Experiment Log 3941 : Much success today during testing with Subject 5. Upon entering lab, starting tests confirmed Subject 5 had an increased obedience level by 15% since our last round of experiments. Upon injection of serum sixty-six, Subject 5 showed near instantaneous increase in libido. With some proper lubrication and cohesion, I was able to excite Subject 5 into the final stages of the experiment without further resistance. Upon completion of tests and first insemination, Subject 5 was sent to fertilization chamber for another round of attempted impregnation with soldiers from Legion Six. Further tests required to rate total success. -720-

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