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Raffle Winners – February 2015

Lara in Hellfire, another requested continuation….

Robyn likes it when Avyanna uses her strength to share more dangerous conquests.

Xiulan showing a human some ancient pandaren techniques.

Fel Friday! Mira!

Happy Fel Friday the 13th!

Fel Friday! Jaina Proudmoore!

Graez is getting pretty good at wrestling ladies near his equipment. Even Jaina Proudmoore couldn’t handle his slimy hands. This image has some mistakes I regret, but it’s good enough to post, so I will just move on with that. Enjoy.

Fel Friday! Ysera!

Voted on by my patrons, Ysera gets to be the one to endure the trials of Ravage. Though, I think I got a little carried away with the boob physic sliders and the speed setting. Whoops!

Fel Friday! Blood Elf Quickie!

Let’s end this rotten day on a better note. Belf blowjobs for everyone!

Fel Friday! Assumi!

Guest Starring – Assumi, Shina’s sexy Jizzlock. She decided to take her fellow warlock Velghaaz for a spin.

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