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Fel Friday! Ku’jin!

Just really wanted to use this model and try to mimic my favorite pose from Chapter 3. Enjoy. -720 Archive-

Commission – Chains of Hellfire

A set of slaves raised on chains. It allows the fel orcs greater access to copulation. Though even after attempting to lower the chains down for the captured gnomes, they still ended up dangling. -720 Archive-

Fel Friday! Subject 5 – Kylasta

Experiment Log 3941 : Much success today during testing with Subject 5. Upon entering lab, starting tests confirmed Subject 5 had an increased obedience level by 15% since our last round of experiments. Upon injection of serum sixty-six, Subject 5 showed near instantaneous increase in libido. With some proper lubrication and cohesion, I was able to excite Subject 5 into the final stages of the experiment without further resistance. Upon completion of tests and first insemination, Subject 5 was sent to fertilization chamber for another round of attempted impregnation with soldiers from Legion Six. Further tests required to rate total success. -720-

Hellfire 2.0


So earlier today I wanted to test out the new Jesana and Ravage models, and see how they work together. So far, pretty happy with them even though I made a few errors that I didn’t notice till after rendering. DOH. Either way, hope you all enjoy.

Ku’jin at the Arena

<a href="http://a.pomf.se/cfzyqu.gif"><img src="http://rexxcraft.theartofrexx.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/720.png"></a></p>

Ku’jin fights for the amusement of her captors. After winning countless battles, they unleash a new enemy upon her.  The worgen has been broken to near his most feral of states, and overpowers her.

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