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Fel Friday! Subject 5 – Kylasta

Experiment Log 3941 : Much success today during testing with Subject 5. Upon entering lab, starting tests confirmed Subject 5 had an increased obedience level by 15% since our last round of experiments. Upon injection of serum sixty-six, Subject 5 showed near instantaneous increase in libido. With some proper lubrication and cohesion, I was able to excite Subject 5 into the final stages of the experiment without further resistance. Upon completion of tests and first insemination, Subject 5 was sent to fertilization chamber for another round of attempted impregnation with soldiers from Legion Six. Further tests required to rate total success. -720-

Hellfire 2.0


So earlier today I wanted to test out the new Jesana and Ravage models, and see how they work together. So far, pretty happy with them even though I made a few errors that I didn’t notice till after rendering. DOH. Either way, hope you all enjoy.

Ku’jin at the Arena

<a href="http://a.pomf.se/cfzyqu.gif"><img src="http://rexxcraft.theartofrexx.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/720.png"></a></p>

Ku’jin fights for the amusement of her captors. After winning countless battles, they unleash a new enemy upon her.  The worgen has been broken to near his most feral of states, and overpowers her.

April Fools!

After looking over all my footage, I realize that with some hard work I could get the video released earlier then expected! Hope it was worth the wait! Enjoy!

Background Girls #2 + Full Gallery


She may be short, but she knows how to suck.


She didn’t need all those organs anyways.

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