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April Fools!

After looking over all my footage, I realize that with some hard work I could get the video released earlier then expected! Hope it was worth the wait! Enjoy!

Background Girls #2 + Full Gallery


She may be short, but she knows how to suck.


She didn’t need all those organs anyways.

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Background Girls #1

So as promised I rendered out some closer shots of the background girls that I have since removed from the video.  Be aware that these are a little rough, as my intention originally was not to have them seen so close.  I still think they turned out well.  I will be posting the other three girls sometime this weekend.  More angles after the jump.





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Video News

After being so stressed out over my work last week, I have finally reached a point of zen where I can once again consider what I am doing.  I was originally going to start posting images from the video this week, but I have decided that was a bad idea.  It would be better to release the video together with all the context.  In the end I think it will be better for it.

However, I need to do some changes to the video.  Many of the changes you have not even seen yet, so you won’t even notice they are gone.  The big one, however, was I am removing the background girls I showed off awhile back.  At the time, they felt like a good idea, but I realized after getting some shots done that having a static bunch of girls that never evolve sitting lazily in the background was taking away from the whole thing more then it added, plus turned into a huge hog on my system, making it hard to animate the main girls inside the environment.  It also took away focus from the main girls, so I decided they have to go.

Don’t worry, I will have proper GIFs of them added to the gallery soon instead.  You will still get to enjoy the animations with them, but they are no longer going to be relevant for the video.  I am instead going to focus on just the six main girls as if they are the only ones there.

As I mentioned before this one will also be much more sex based.  I love putting story bits into the thing, and it will still have one or two little bits, but they will not be nearly as up-front and flow breaking as the first video.  For the most part a lot of it will be a sex montage.

It’s coming together, but we still got a bit of a ways away before I am happy enough to render and edit it.

Hellfire – Chapter 5

Finally it has been released.  You can read the story over here.  Though a little word of warning, this on is a bit more “GIF” heavy then past chapters.


Want to also thanks Silvyraven for helping me with some of the story editing.

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